It's robust, it's extensive, and it was developed with you in mind. It's Celebrity's Wine Program. Underscored with a vast wine list and well trained sommeliers, this distinctive program offers guests a unique and enriching experience that will be enjoyed even after returning home.

Celebrity’s extensive wine collection includes over 300 selections onboard Celebrity Century and Millennium-class ships and over 450 selections onboard Solstice-class. Every major wine producing region will be represented and guests can choose from the finest available, including Rare Vintage, California Rare Cult Wines, as well as Grand Cru Champagnes.

Another delightful addition to the Wine Program is Celebrity's Cellarmaster Private Label, developed exclusively by Kendall Jackson Estates and Celebrity Collector's Edition Artist Label Series. These limited edition bottles pair the artist and the winemaker together to create one-of-a-kind works of art. And, be sure to take advantage of the sommeliers. These highly trained experts are readily available to make suggestions and assist guests with wine pairing questions.

Celebrity's Wine Experience
Sniff, swirl, and savor with the guidance of professional sommeliers. From bold and robust cabernets to soothing chardonnays, Celebrity’s collection is certain to yield the discovery of a new favorite for your own.

Riedel, the crystal manufacturer, is known worldwide for designing the most finely tuned drinking instruments for every level of wine sophistication. To showcase wine in its finest form, Riedel's varietal-specific glasses enhance the aromas and taste components, while finding a wine's maximum complexity by featuring the best possible harmony. What could be better than experiencing a Riedel comparative wine workshop while at sea?

Wine Cruises
Celebrity is pleased to offer select sailings where wine isn't just served, it's celebrated and recognized, just like you.

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