Celebrity Life Onboard Programs

Welcome to CelebrityLifeSM, an exciting new variety of palate-pleasing, intellectually stimulating and life-renewing onboard programs designed with your interests in mind. Whether you like to indulge in food, sport, relaxation, games, or education, there are endless cruise activities aboard every Celebrity ship. We've divided CelebrityLifeSM Activities into different categories: Taste, Revive, Play, and Learn. Each provides many possibilities that await you onboard each and every Celebrity cruise. To enjoy CelebrityLifeSM, simply choose the programs that interest you most — on or before your next cruise.


Do you have a passion for food, wine, and spirits? We have a menu of activities you’re sure to love. Experience just how robust life at sea can be. Below is a sample of some of the sumptuous CelebrityLifeSM activities we’ve got on tap.

A Taste of Film
We’ve taken our culinary expertise through the roof – literally. At our new Rooftop Terrace, experience A Taste of Film. It’s an exciting way to enjoy the great outdoors, satisfy your love of movies, and dazzle your taste buds all at once. Delicious bites and drinks – inspired by the featured film – are served during the movie to elevate the experience. Chic, cozy furniture and a large movie screen create the perfect setting for a cinematic night under the stars.

Riedel® Comparative Wine Crystal Workshop
Discover the difference the shape and quality of Riedel glass makes to the bouquet, taste, and enjoyment of wine.

Mixology 101
Experience the evolution of chef-inspired bartending.

Food & Wine Pairing
This workshop illustrates how food and wine pairing can create a sensational taste experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. Learn about the fundamentals of food and wine chemistry, and the way food and wine interact as you sample contrasting pairings.


If you have a passion for all things wellness, we’ve designed a collection of activities to help you look and feel your best. Below is a sample of some of the renewing CelebrityLifeSM wellness activities that await you.

Discover how this ancient Chinese technique – endorsed by the National Institutes of Health – is useful in addressing musculoskeletal pain, arthritis, migraines, tension headaches, tendonitis, and fatigue. An expert acupuncturist at Canyon Ranch SpaClub® can assess your needs, help balance your energy (chi), stimulate natural healing, and induce a deep state of relaxation.

Chiropractic Session**
Expert manipulation of the spine can foster greater overall health. Canyon Ranch SpaClub® experts can offer consults and treatment, including acupuncture, ultrasound, myofascial release, stretching, massage, and spinal manipulative therapy. They’ll also show you how exercise, education, and preventative care can optimize spinal health.
**Available only on Solstice® Class ships.

Gait Analysis
Feet endure tremendous stress, so even small abnormalities can be painful. The right shoes and orthotic inserts can help to correct many problems. At Canyon Ranch SpaClub®, get a video analysis and assessment of your gait and receive a professional review and recommendations for orthotics. Not appropriate for evaluating existing prescription orthotics.

Zumba® Fitness Classes
Get a move on! Zumba® classes blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography for an effective, total-body workout. Our Zumba program includes new classes along with a Zumba theme fitness party at least once per sailing.


Challenge your competitive spirit with an engaging arsenal of activities designed to keep you on your toes and have fun with your fellow guests.

The Living Room Games
Check out the wildest game at sea. The fun and excitement of The Living Room Games will keep you laughing all night long. Teams will be tested on their pop culture knowledge in this fast-paced game show-style activity.

Pool Volleyball
Cool off in the pool with a thrilling game of volleyball. It’s one of everyone’s favorite onboard activities, including the ship’s officers.

Trivia Contests
Reach deep into your knowledge vault and answer questions on a wide variety of topics with our modern interactive approach to trivia contests. Activities range from Daily Trivia to full-on Game Shows & Trivia Tournaments.

Lawn Games at the Lawn Club
Join a friendly pick-up game of croquet or bocce. Practice your form with golf putting or get a little nostalgic with bean bag toss.

Interactive Video Games
Try your hand at bowling, tennis, boxing, darts, Xbox 360 Kinect® games and more.

Sports Brush up on your basketball, Ping-Pong and putting skills. Then join in for fun-filled tournaments with your fellow guests.

Pool Games and Events
Take on the ship’s officers in a friendly game of water volleyball, try our interactive pool games, and much more.

Fun for All
Complimentary youth and teen programs are designed to keep everyone smiling. Kids can spend their time on board with crafts, toys, video games, music, karaoke and more. Activities are divided into four groups by age. There’s the Fun Factory for younger kids plus the X Club, a supervised hangout for tweens and teens.

Dancing with the Stripes
Guests partner with various ships’ officers and compete in elimination rounds featuring different dance styles and live music. A panel of judges vote to crown the king and queen of the dance floor.


Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean your mind has to be too. Stay sharp, have fun, and discover an assortment of activities designed to spark you intellectual curiosity. Below is a sample of some of our cleverly entertaining CelebrityLifeSM enrichment activities that await you.

Let’s Dance Series
Discover your hidden flair for salsa, jive, and ballroom dancing. You can even try your hand at hip hop.

Oceans Ahead, Our Behind-the-Scenes and Environmental Programming
Brought to you by our ships’ officers, you’ll learn interesting and fascinating facts on topics ranging from ship navigation to onboard recycling and how we utilize solar power.

Self-Guided Art Tour on an iPad
On our ships, you’ll be surrounded with one of the world’s largest permanent collections of contemporary art, complete with an exciting art program where you can attend live art auctions, educational seminars, and fantastic art exhibitions.

Activities for Kids
Designed for parents to get a little down time, we have lots of fun programs all geared to specific age groups, and supervised by experienced youth staff members.

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